City Building Ltd. is a fast-growing construction company based in Bulgaria. We specialise in civil and industrial constructions, reconstructions, and investment.

Our goal is to maintain high competitiveness on the market by using new technologies, searching for the most optimal value-for-money solutions, complying with all standards, technical rules and norms, and using high-performance mechanisation. We strive to complete all of our projects in the shortest time possible but with highest quality and care for our customers.

Our main objective is to build long-term partnerships with our clients based on honesty and mutual trust.

Our team consists of highly-qualified employees with years of experience, who make it possible of us to provide excellent execution quality of our projects. Our company members are proven specialists in construction, finance, marketing, and management. The teams that work for us consist of civil engineers and construction managers with extensive experience. We have teams of plumbing specialists, electricians, ironworkers, masons, casing workers, finishing workers. We have the capacity to recruit all kinds of specialists for all stages of the construction process, as needed. We have pricing experts who look at each project individually and search for the best solutions, according to the customer requirements. We continually invest in improving the qualifications and professional development of our employees, as well as in maintaining their strong work motivation.